I'm eating one big meal per day which is packed with quality meat and veggies, so nutrition is not an issue. That big meal comes around 6:00pm. During the rest of the day, I've just been nibbling on a 100% cacao bar (Ghiradelli, no sugar... the entire bar is 4oz) and I find it keeps me really satiated.

Although I rarely get through all 4oz, is there any problem with doing this? On average I'm doing 3/4ths of a bar, which comes to 412 calories, 43g fat, 26g carbs (half of which is fiber, so only 13g net), and 9.5g protein (although obviously I don't count this towards my daily protein total). It wards off any temptation for the bread and sugar which is around me all day, so I can get home safely to my primal dinner