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Thread: 100% Cacao -- quality fat?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeeDub View Post
    The extra iron is coming off of the machines doing the processing ("Dutch" cocoa is very highly processed at not "natural" or paleo in any meaningful sense of the word). That's not a joke - companies have been working on "iron-free" processing equipment to reduce this effect - it comes from tiny filings off of the equipment.
    wow that's a bit frightening... I thought Dutch processing was only done to powder though, and not to bars? I could be wrong.

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    Related: Take any breakfast cereal with "Reduced Iron" in the ingredients list into a glass bowl, soak in water and mash into a watery goo. Put a neodymium magnet at the bottom outside of the bowl and you can see the iron attract.

    Might be able to do that with the Dutch process stuff...


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    Correct, minerals cannot be destroyed by cooking or processing, they are inorganic. Inorganic means they have no carbon-based structures that can be degraded by heat and pressure; minerals are found as themselves on the periodic table, although there are various ionization states that may affect bioavailablity. However, the organics that can be degraded or altered by cooking or processing include vitamins and flavanoids or any other phytochemicals.

    on topic I think the cocoa fat is fine.

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    This is not about iron from machinery.
    It's about roasting.

    It's like the fact that the way you cook liver can either raise or lower the iron content per weight of the food.
    Mild gentle heat can = more available iron, while high intense heat like frying reduces it.
    (At least that's how it reads on every Nutritiondata analysis chart I've look at, which is many.)

    Cacao beans are gently slow roasted... it makes the iron slightly more available.
    Dutched cacao has simply been slightly alkalized(this is not "evil", baking soda is alkaline you know), which just means the acidity has been reduced!
    This can be very good for some people who are sensitive to other chocolates.

    The difference in cacao powder and bars is fat content. Bars have more cacao butter (or other fats if they don't use all cacao butter) in it which glues it all together.

    But it was still roasted as beans, and ground smooth just like the powder.
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