Hello All

Well, here I am... Just turned 50 and getting scared. I've had weight problems most of my adult life but now it's starting to hurt. Probably need to lose about 100 lbs and this time it just absolutely has to be for real. Blood pressure is steadily climbing and diabetes is most likely right around the corner. Family history of everything and all the men in my family have died in their mid/late 60's... I am a commercial pilot by trade and the FAA doesn't like sick pilots!!! I have at least 15 years of flying left in me and don't want to start a new career at this point in my life so I need to get healthy for real this time.

Long story short: I have had tremendous results in the past with a low carb WOE and cut my teeth on Atkins about 10 years ago. Lost a bunch of weight and felt great. Jeeezzz, now why would I have changed that you ask? Well, I got scared of all the so called "research" and decided I was going to switch to a plant based diet. Not quite vegan but pretty close. I let myself believe that I was clogging my arteries with lard and was going to flop over dead at any second (you should read some of these vegan forums!) Well, it turns out carbs make me fat! Not to mention it's real easy to blur the lines with a plant based diet, especially with the grains, sweets etc. So naturally I'm back to my 50%+ BMI and really feeling it now.

I'm genuinley scared this time as I have way too much to do yet before I die. Not bad sick yet but definitely headed that way so here I am. I would normally be on a couple of the low-carb forums but I like this approach better and the atmosphere on this board seems a little more laid back. Plus Grok seems cool! Anyway, I have a lot of reading to do so I'll see you on the board. Wish me luck... I really need it!