Just had my blood work done and the results are... Glu 82 -- Trig 92-- Chol 497-- HDL 65-- LDL 414 I did not have a test done before I am down 42 pounds since jan of 2012 and am within 10 pounds of my goal weight I have been loosely following primal since Sept 2012 (down 22 lbs since primal) and in ketosis for the last 6 weeks lots of eggs bacon and sausage with olive oil, veggies etc Tomorrow (feb18) I start an 18 week training program for a tri Read griffs post and punching the numbers in they still don't look good My plan is to wait 3-4 weeks and have another test done. Any suggestions would be appreciated I had planned to stay in ketosis for my training but want to make sure im doing it in a healthy way Thanks