Just wondered what everyone thought about the meat scandal currently going on in Europe. Of course PB is all about unprocessed meat anyway, but I know many here aren't 100% PB.

Personally I think if you eat meat, you can't excluse animals just because 'it's cute'...I happen to think cows and chickens are cute, but we're also designed to eat meat. What I do have a problem with is the drugs used on the animals, animal welfare and the being lied to.

I confess I've still been eating the odd bit of processed food while I'm sourcing affordable and locally available unprocessed meat....but how much does it matter whether it's donkey, horse, pig or cow?

For those that haven't heard... Horsemeat scandal: the essential guide | UK news | The Guardian

Apparently the scandal has made vegetarian food sales go through the roof which I think is so dangerous because it is not a healthier option....have you seen what's in Quorn???

Anyway what do you think of it all?
~Kaz x