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Thread: 5'' 2' - ideal weight?

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    Quote Originally Posted by teach2183 View Post
    I also wear a 34H bra, so I know I have a fair amount of weight stored there.
    I'm DD. I hear ya!
    SW: 68 kg. * CW: 61.5 kg. * GW: 60 kg or less...
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    Quote Originally Posted by thaijinx View Post
    I set myself a goal of reaching 60 kg. An arbitrary, rounded number... for no other reason that I can think of.

    But my body doesn't NOT want to go there. Have been hovering around 62 - 64 kg for over 12 months. And only got to 60 kg briefly with an accompanying a bout of gastro. Got over the gastro, went back to my range.

    Still have a bit of a belly, and boobs and arse. Am thinking I will never be a waif, despite being one as a kid. Age clearly not on my side.

    Does anyone know what an ideal weight for a 5'' 2' gal should be?

    Is 60 kg unrealistic?
    Hi, you've made good progress from your starting weight and I don't think 60kg is unrealistic, though your health and size are more important than the actual weight. Are you eating strictly primal? Are you lifting weights?

    At 5'4", I weight about 59kg. It feels just right for me, I am strong but not skinny, happy to have some curves (unfortunately no boobs worth mentioning). I got here from 64kg with primal eating and two weights classes per week and now staying here, full of health and energy and loving the primal food. I have even grown to enjoy the exercise.

    I think shorter women have to be more careful with portion sizes, but upping the exercise gives you more leeway. Also, building some muscle not only creates a more toned and shapely figure but uses more calories and so allows you to eat more - a great bonus IMO.

    Good luck.

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