35, 5'2", 135-140 lbs. I've been doing xfit for about 1.5 years. When I started I had never lifted a barbell. Couldn't do pull ups, push ups, ring dips, swing a kettle bell, etc. My current stats:

OHP - 80
PC - 110
DL - 210 ish (haven't tried max in a while)
HBBS - 160 (hip pain is my limiter here - 1.5 years ago I couldn't break parallel)
Bench - 100 ish (again, no real max efforts, I think I did 5 x 90 a while ago though)

6 months ago I switched xfits. We do a lot of bodyweight stuff at my new box. In those 6 months I now have kipping pull ups, push ups, and almost have ring dips. But, we don't do much heavy stuff. So those PRs above really haven't changed at all. I've started Starting Strength at home and will stick with it for 2 weeks or so before I find that (a) I'm too tired for WODs or (b) too tired for SS. Clearly the programming at my box isn't helping me get stronger but I'm just not sure how much, how often, what programming (3 x 5, 5-3-1, etc) to try on my own to get stronger.

My goals:
OHP - 100 (looooooong shot )
PC - 135
DL - 250
BS - no goals here, I'm happy to work below "strength" and gain mobility and work towards pain free squats
Bench - 125
Having a 95 lb snatch would be nice too... right now that is at 65 or 70.

Any tips from people who know how to program this kind of stuff?