As mentioned in my last thread, Im going to be going for abdominal surgery in the near future and am trying to plan ahead to minimize recoup & healing time.
I absolutely hate being on "down time" so will probably be climbing the walls before I even get out of the hospital. (I plan on making sure the staff is to so at least we will be even)

Currently I eat pretty primal, No grains, no processed food, most of my food is locally sourced, most my meat is grass fed, Only small amounts of sugar (ie honey in my chia tea, occasional homemade treat etc)
I take 20,000iu Vit D (will probably double this during & will try to spend time outside weather permitting) vit B complex & iodine.
Im also planning on taking Transfer factor/Colostrum (boost immune system) before & after & possibly Oregano oil (Natural antibiotic)

Does anyone have any other suggestions for things I can do, food or supplements to look into etc anything to hasten my recovery and avoid complications?
What about restoring gut flora after the antibiotic sludge you know there going to pump me full of? Any suggestions for a good probiotic available in the UK..Is the ones by Garden of Life any good? Or would regular yogurt do the trick? (I get mine from the local dairy)

Im dealing with the *cough* wonderful NHS so suspect that fasting is going to be on the charts while in hospital although getting Hubby to bring me sticks of butter, a whole roasted duck & raw liver to chow down on might just be worth the looks on the nurses faces...