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Thread: Homemade Strength Training Equipment

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    Lightbulb Homemade Strength Training Equipment

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    I've recently made a pulling sled made out of 5/8" diamond plate (which sells for $185 online, before significant shipping charges, and they're made with a lower-quality material) and a 25-150 LBS adjustable sand bag ($140, before shipping). Both pieces are polished in appearance and are bomb-proof. It turns out I can make these for a fraction of the cost that they're being sold for online. I'm also having a power rack, a more elaborate push/pull sled (google the 'prowler'), and some flat benches made. Initially, I just wanted to use these personally but I'm thinking about manufacturing these and selling them, locally at first and then who knows...Once I get the word out and people start ordering I can order my materials in bulk and save even more on them.

    I've never thought of starting a business before but I think I might be onto something here.

    Any business owners here? Any tips or advice for someone thinking about making the plunge? I have no idea how to begin.
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    In some ways it is easy, can't advise on the legal side of US business, but you can buy a professional looking website template with shopping cart functionality that can be easily customised to your requirements, text and photos, then use Paypal or the Google equivalent as your means of payment Google provide advice on getting your website high on the search engine hits, and you can also pay google to advertise your site.
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