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Thread: Primal pescetarians: What do you eat everyday to maintain your weight page

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    Primal pescetarians: What do you eat everyday to maintain your weight

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    Anyone care to share sample menus for a day or two? Thanks in advance

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    Breakfast - skip, both of us. Two or three dessertspoons of probiotic yoghurt and handful of blueberries at best.

    Lunch - salad. Like this: living in the ice age: Lunchtime Salad ... for quantity, we'll share a can of fish or crab, handful of prawns, that kind of size. Avocados and eggs are most useful with this dish.

    Dinner - we usually have a starter and a main. The starter will be a small number of prawns, two or three scallops, that sort of size; main will be a piece of fish about the 4" square 1" thick ... ish. Sorry, I don't weight anything we eat. Veggies alongside.

    We don't feel hungry and we're maintaining size and shape quite happily. Again, we don't weigh - no scales in our house.

    Have a flick back through my food blog for pictures of the sort of things we eat. We do eat meat, but fish is preferable and eaten most days.

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