I'll begin this post with a story in order for people to understand just how frustrating this all is. I ask that you read everything in order to truly understand.

I used to play tennis. I was speedy and could get to any ball. I could play for hours with no breaks. One day, I had trouble breathing, turned pale, and had to stop playing for that day. Of course, I thought it was a one time occurrence so I went back out there two days later. Nope, I had the same trouble breathing.

We obviously thought it was asthma and I went to get tested. It turns out I did not have asthma yet the lazy doctors still gave me an inhaler that did nothing when used. Now, I could not longer play tennis or basketball, two sports I love. I was really limited to baseball. Even though baseball was my favorite sport it was still frustrating that I was not able to participate in all of the drills because I simply could not breath even after short times.

Eventually, I just gave up. Doctors were lazy and could not find a solution. This was all before I went primal. So, I went primal and that did help slightly. I am training for the army now and know that I will not be able to take part in a combat unit if I do not fix this before I get drafted.

I really need any suggestions that you believe can help me with this.

I should add that when I breath normally I do not feel like I get enough air. I am always yawning to get the air I need. After I yawn I do feel better for a bit, but usually just yawn again a few minutes later or need to take a very, very deep breath.

What specific meditation/yoga should I do? I know breathing through my nose is better, so how can I train myself to breath through my nose? Are there any back, stomach, chest stretches that can do something to help me?

I really am frustrated as this has been going on for probably over four years. I am in great shape, but just have no stamina due to my inability to breath. I am really open to anything with this because I have tried everything and nothing has worked.

Thanks in advance for any help. I really do appreciate it.