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    Free from the clutches of cereal - Sandman's primal journal

    I went primal 11/26/12 after discovering MDA and spending a few hours reading things that just seemed to make sense.

    I've decided to keep a simple log of moments during my journey. Sure, this is kind of public, but since I find myself in the forums all the time, might as well do it here so I don't forget to write things down once in a while.

    Before going primal, I was a "healthy" fat guy - a formerly very lean and athletic person whose weight jumped during my 20s following an injury and kept creeping up as my lifestyle shifted more toward the desk than the mountains. I was healthy in that I never looked like a blubbery blob and always had decent blood pressure and cholesterol measures. However, I never realized how poor my health was until I incorporated PB into my life.

    The story begins...

    HW=230, SW=210, CW=176, GW=160 (or something...who knows?)
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