I got to spend a lovely week in Aruba.... but dang, healthy food choices were SO LIMITED. I figured life would be all grilled fish with tropical fruits. No. We had so much trouble finding healthy food. Fish was always fried or in sauce. I did have a steak salad one night but the salad was tiny. Breakfast was eggs that I picked up and microwaved. At the grocery, very few veggies- a few sad cucumbers, but I scored a bag of oranges.

The people who owned the inn we stayed out said that most produce comes on containers from China and most people just eat junk food.

The good thing is I came back happy to buy a ton of vegetables. LOL, I think I have eaten 8 servings of veggies already today.

But if you are going to Aruba, eating primal is hard. Maybe plan on doing an all meat diet.