I'm relatively new to the primal scene. In December I started doing 80%/20% primal, then decided that eating gluten made me feel worse when I cheated so I cut that out completely. I'm looking to go full primal, but trying to make some transitions slowly.

Anyway, on to my question. I have something called dysautonomia, where my blood pressure & heart rate have issues being regulated by my autonomic nervous system. I was instructed by my doctor to drink Gatorade and eat a lot of salt to raise my pressure to help keep from passing out. I know a lot of people use coconut water for hydration, but I feel as if it doesn't have enough sodium in it.

Does anyone know of a recipe or maybe a drink out there that has quite a bit of sodium in it that can replace gatorade? Eating primal also means less sodium due to the natural unprocessed foods so I need to find ways to work it in and stay hydrated. Thanks!