To qualify, I am not a catholic, but I have catholic friends who give up something for lent every year, so I chose to jump on the bandwagon.

For the last two weeks, I have been cutting back on processed sugars and processed flour in preparation of the start of lent, because I was hoping to reduce the withdraw affect. Wednesday I went cold-turkey. I also decided Wednesday to make this journey into a primal one.

Starting during lent I now believe was a stroke of genius. Yesterday, I had to eat out with my D's hockey team. Sitting with a group of parents at the table, at East Side Marios, an Italian Restaurant, no one batted an eye when I said I couldn't look at the pasta dishes, eat the bread, or croutons, etc...because I gave up processed flour and sugar for lent. I didn't get questioned about strange diets, crazy fads, or anything else like that. And that was for me, wonderful. I'm undertaking a journey that is very new to me, and my understanding is still in it's infancy, so I'm just not ready to discuss it or try and explain it.

So 3 successful days behind me, and looking forward to day 4. And btw, what did I end up ordering? I ate unlimited garden salad, no croutons, with their vinaigrette dressing, 8 oz steak, and extra vegetables, because the potatoes were deep fried wedges, so I declined them.