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Thread: Are you a regular anywhere?

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    There's a market in town that sells local farm fresh eggs, local grass-fed beef, and local uncured "fresh air" bacon. They actually know me by name. I get all my eggs there this time of year because the farmer's markets are not operating in the winter.
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    Yup! The butcher shop (not only because the butcher calls me Gorgeous when I come in) and the farmstand next door where I go several times a week all year long. I'm thinking about working for them this coming summer produce season because they are CONSTANTLY busy!
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    Every few months I go to Whole Foods, where I make a beeline for the meat counter and buy all the grass-fed beef fat they have (for tallow) and nothing else. In the warmer months we have a local farmers market twice a week. Whenever the egg vendor sees me coming, he starts pulling out two dozen eggs. Man, I can't wait for the market to start up again!

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    The gym. Where the manager calls everyone by name (don't know how he does it!) And the Amish farmer where we buy raw milk, eggs and pastured meats.

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    Well... this is kind of opposite, but happened to me the other day. I have pretty much abandoned our local grocery because I found a Dutch produce market, (like Amish/Mennonite) but I went to the local the other day, and the clerk was like.... "I haven't seen you for a long time, I thought maybe you were starving to death."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Knifegill View Post
    The hospital cafeteria sees me coming and automatically loads a boat with 5 bacons. Anybody else have a go-to like that?
    Nothing quite like that. The farmer's market vendors all know me because I used to sell our honey there, and I'm known at the local health food store, but I don't buy the same thing every time I go. I just get what ever is fresh so it changes all the time. We have our own chickens, buy half a beef at a time and this week we are butchering 2 pigs hubby raised so we don't buy very much in the way of protein.

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    There are usually firefighters working out at the university gym I go to (in Amsterdam) and a lot of times I see the same guys buying food at the Albert Heijn nearby (for cooking at the station I assume). One day I was in line to checkout, like 10 people behind a fireman at the register, and then he points at me, says something I don't understand and does "air push ups."

    Also at an espresso bar on campus, the "grumpy lady" has started making me a cappuccino without asking. One day she tried to give me a muffin too (for free) and I politely declined. In retrospect I should've just taken the damn muffin and gifted it to someone later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BurritoJimmy View Post
    I'm a regular at the QT by my house. I dont like doodooing in my own toilet so I use theirs.
    hahahahahaah that is just so wrong - but right on so many levels !!!!!!!!
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    At my local butchers! They know my name and what i usually order, and i know all of their names! I have a laugh with them and the owner was introducing me to all his sons They gave me a free turkey at Christmas too...

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    Well not in a takeaway kind of place like that, but my butcher knows me well, and is always so friendly.

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