So, I figured it was time to start writing my journey so that I can hopefully look back in several months and see some good progress in health, my rheumatoid arthritis, medication, and weight struggles.

I am 42, female, Started out at 219 on a 5'5" frame... Yah, that's really hard to see in print. But hopefully it will be much lower in a few months. I have been primal for a month now and I am down to 210. Definitely happy with the loss but wish it was more because I got down to 206 before I had to go onto prednisone two weeks ago for the RA and the tom hit, thus 4lb increase. I know, life throws curve balls and we have to just move on. I am trying to find the lowest dose of prednisone that will work for me.

So, I guess some medical history is in order, in case anyone is reading... Have had jra (juvenile) sine I was 3 with several periods of remission when I was younger but pretty consistent since age15. It is considered moderate to severe but well controlled with meds. Currently on enbrel, asulfazine and Prednisone. By well controlled, I mean I can do my daily routines with ease but if I push it, I will flare. I can do low impact exercise usually, though lately my ankles have been flaring with walking. Elliptical and stationary bike works better. Have had wrist fusions in mid 20s but otherwise the joints are fairly intact (erosions but stable).

Had blood work done in September.
Trig: 103
Ldl: 63
Chol: 126
fasting glucose: 110
Tsh: 2.46

From what I have read, all the ratios are good. The glucose is high but I have been monitoring it the past month and it is now down under 100 on Primal plan.

My rheumatologist does blood work every few months as well.
Sed rate: 35
Crp: 2.15

All the other things he tests are always in the normal range.

in general, the first month has been relatively easy. I have had very little in the way of craving grains, with the exception of popcorn. I have cheated on that several times and I know I need to stop that, at least while I am in the weight loss phase, which will be for quite some time. I am having some munchies, which is hard to get through. I tend to hit the nuts or fruit at that point because the meats just don't cut it during those times. I have always been an emotional Easter. When my stress level goes up, I reach for food. It has definitely been better on primal but its still there to a point. Homeschooling three kids and running a business adds to the stress.

One of my biggest obstacles right now with the primal lifestyle is sleep. I know how important it is to weight loss and stress level. But I have always been a night owl. I do my best work at night. I often stay up until after midnight most nights - often until 2am. Most nights I get about 6-7 hours of sleep. Rarely 8+. I know I need to work more on this. It its my biggest goal beyond the weight loss.

I have been using a body media armband to help me to track of my calories in/out and my activity levels. I'm a numbers/chart girl so this has been very helpful. Also helps track my sleep patterns. I have been averaging 1000-1200 calorie deficit, which is more likely about 800-1000, since I am not super stringent on measuring. This its why I know the pred and the RA are causing retention. I should be losing at least 1lb a week, which has not happened since starting the pred.

Alright, that's enough for tonight....