I started my journey on January 1, 2013 with my husband. He has a neurological issue with his legs where his muscles constantly contract and expand. In other words his leg muscles constantly jump. A Chiropractor friend told us about Paleo and that it reduces inflammation. We're giving it a try to see if reduced carbs will help him. I am trying to lose 40 pounds.

I started the journey by giving up bread, coffee and grains but I would eat legumes. A week later I gave up the legumes. I do eat some yogurt, raw milk, some cheese, eggs, meat, veggies, coconut oil, olive oil, bone broth daily, and some berries, citrus and bananas. I have cut down on the amounts of nuts I eat thinking they are inhibiting weight loss.

So, I was pretty disgusted with myself and didn't weigh before starting the plan. I believe I have lost 8 pounds in 6 weeks. That is a bit discouraging, but as my husband says if we are going to adopt this way of eating I will lose the weight I need and want to. We have committed to each other that we will do this for 6 months and evaluate where we are at that point. My husband has lost 22 pounds in the same amount of time and he looks awesome!

At this time, 6 weeks in I feel great. I have more energy than before, my clothes are fitting better and I am less anxious. I attribute the lessening of anxiousness to not drinking caffeine.

The hardest part, so far is dinning with people who are not eating primal. The bread basket at a restaurant is a little tempting! Tempting, but I have not given in! yay me!! I travel frequently for work and I will be eating out every meal when I do travel.

For exercise I walk my dogs twice a day one mile at a good clip. I like doing squats, plank and push ups when I am on boring conference calls- I work from home. I find it a great use of time to do a little workout while actively listening to a call. It's multitasking at its finest.

My husband hunts so we have a sufficient amount of venison for the year. We grow most of our vegetables and can or freeze to preserve them. We have a good life.

So, at this point I want to lose 34 pounds. I know I can succeed.