I have tried to get my husband on board with Primal eating, but it has been a struggle. Firstly, he is scared to commit because he can't believe that eating saturated fat won't kill him of a heart attack. Secondly, he is a carb addict. I managed to get him to cut out carbs for about 2 weeks, but he didn't commit, so he still had sugar in his teas and coffees, he still drank beer after work and on days off, he cheated regularly with a piece of cake, or onion bahjis etc. He would overdose on nuts and seeds, and eat huge handfuls of dried fruit. He quit after 2 weeks because he found the diet boring because he couldn't eat the food he liked (pasta, rice and potatoes) and it was making him bad tempered. (It was) Now I am trying to keep as close to Primal for him as I can, aside from his sandwiches for lunch and an occasional rice or pasta dinner.
So my question is, if he is still eating as many carbs as he is, then should I return him to a low fat diet? Surely his body will just store any ingested fat because it is too busy with all the carbs? I don't want to damage his health, he is such a stress-head, I feel he is always on the brink of a heart attack, which was my main motivation for going Primal in the first place!
BTW, I am having good results, weight is coming off (lots about 8-10lbs) and I feel better, but I have all the other ares of Primal living to tackle yet, I have only started with the diet side of things. Any advice would be really appreciated!