My life has been in an uproar since mid-December. Lots of individual high-stress events blurred into some really crappy (well, tasty wheaty) eating, serious sleep deprivation, and almost no exercise.

Things are getting back under control finally, but the fall out is still with me.
Nearly-permanent dark circles under my eyes, bad skin, digestive issues, and what feels like massive water retention.

It used to be I could jump right back on the primal wagon after a 20% day and be good as new with a day of eating primal and drinking lots of tea/water. Not this time. Of course I keep eating bits of crap that used to stay under the radar, but now that I've triggered some kind of reaction to them, affect me cumulatively.

I've got a 3-day weekend, lots of outdoor work on the farm, and a motivated, helpful partner. I'm going to sleep as much as I can, ditch the non-primal food, and move around a lot. Re-boot.

ANyway, I'm posting this here as a declaration of intent. Now that it's public, I'll have to follow through