Hi all,

So I started eating primally a few weeks ago, coupled with 3 days of weights, and quite a bit of walking (maybe 7 miles a week). I haven't started the sprint workouts just yet, but I'm getting there.

Yesterday, I decided to try an IF. I had not ate since 7:00 PM the night before (a 12oz pork steak and some mixed veggies in olive oil/ butter). I skipped breakfast, save for a cup of coffee with an oz or so of heavy cream, skipped lunch, and "lifted heavy things" around 5:30 - 6:00. I was not hungry at all during the day, so that seemed to pan out well.

I decided to have a cup of fage yogurt with blueberries, a ribeye (probably 12-14 oz), green peppers and mushrooms for dinner. I also had about 8 oz of organic whole milk.

SIDE NOTE: I haven't been eating grass fed beef just yet, as I'm still researching a good source in the area. I have found frozen grass fed beef liver from a local butcher though.

As of today, I did not eat breakfast (I wasn't hungry) except for black coffee, and I've had a can of sardines in water for lunch and about 6 cashews..nothing else. I'm just not hungry.

Even before primal, I didn't normally eat breakfast, but I would be starving by lunch. That seems to not be the case anymore.

I know one of the tenets is "eat when you're hungry, and don't when you're not", but is it normal to really only WANT to eat once a day within two weeks of beginning? I only ate the sardines today because I felt that it was a good thing to do after a 3 mile brisk walk for lunch. I really wasn't hungry. It's almost as if my body is just naturally fasting, and I think it may be a mental block I have to overcome, because it's so weird to not feel like eating at lunchtime.