This debate happened in December, but I only came across it now. Thought I'd share it.

On the 6th December 2012, Faculty of Health Sciences' Department of Medicine and the Chronic Disease Initiative in Africa presented a Centenary Academic debate with the following Topic:

"Cholesterol is not an important risk factor for heart disease and current dietary recommendations do more harm than good"

The proponent of the statement - Prof Tim Noakes
The opponent of the statement - Dr Jacques E Rossouw

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There is a YouTube playlist with the debate on the above link.

There is a also a related news article here: Experts caution against Noakes diet: Health24: Heart "Experts caution against Noakes diet", an excerpt:

Rossouw warns, “Noakes maintains that diabetics do not have higher blood cholesterol levels than other people, that half of all heart attacks occur in people with normal blood cholesterol, that glucose is the single most important predictor of risk and a high-fat diet reverses almost all coronary risk factors. Except for a very few close followers, the scientific evidence is clear and he’s flying against it. There is now absolute proof that high blood cholesterol is causal in heart disease.”