I bought this set of Accumeasure Body Fat Calipers about a year ago or so -- Amazon.com: Accu-Measure Body Fat Caliper: Health & Personal Care

I decided to dust them off and measure my body fat so I can concentrate on tone rather than weight. I followed this tutorial and had my boyfriend do the measurements -- Health-calc - Skinfold D and W

According to this calculator, I'm 25.3% body fat and my lean mass is 106.8. I expected something about that, so I'm not really surprised at that number. My question is, however... how accurate is this?

I know calipers are supposed to be the best way to do body fat % calculations (other than the pricey tank thing you can do in a lab) but neither my boyfriend no I are professionals at using these things!

Have you guys found these calipers to be accurate? Or this method of 4-spot measuring? Should I bother doing 7-spot?