Something I have been wondering about is having meals like this:
Leaner protein, cooked in a little fat, ie coconut oil or ghee, with a large green leafy salad. Or grill the meat so it doesn't need add fat.
Maybe the occasional starchy carbs.

Because this would be lower in fat than what I was eating before (around 70-75%). I don't know the exact macro break down of a meal like this though. But eating something like this 3 x per day (sorta like the whole 30 rules I guess, but really little added fat).

How would your body run on lower fat and lower carb? Cos it has to run off one or the other right?
Would this be when it starts to burn stored fat?
Some stuff about all this I still don't understand.

This diabetes diagnosis has given me a real shake up, and I want to think about what I am doing. I don't want to count macros etc, because it makes me obsess and its not a good place for me to be in.

This is coming from someone who has 100-110 lbs to lose.