Hello All,
I've been floating around here for a couple of weeks after finding this site through NerdFitness. I guess it's now time to start my first journal ever! I've never had any interest in writing, especially about myself, but maybe this will help me stick with it this time.

Like a lot of people, I never really ate well for most of my life. I was an athlete since the age of 6 with wrestling being my main sport. One of the things I learned with wrestling is how to lose weight quickly without any real health concerns. Throughout most of my teen years I stayed very lean during the winter, spring and summer but I would balloon up a little in the fall for football. Typically, I would lose 20-30 pounds in about a month for wrestling. It wasn't until after I was done with high school that my weight really started to creep up. I got up to about 225 in my early 20's and went on the Atkins diet and a heavy dose of Xenedrine and lifting to get myself down to about 185. I maintained around 200 for a couple of years but slowly crept up past 225 and got to about 250. Around this time I was getting married and started losing weight for the wedding. Atkins again, down to around 210 in a couple of months. I didn't last long there and it was only a few months more before i was now at 275! disgusted with myself, I go back onto Atkins, lost about 20lbs, quit and all of a sudden I'm flirting with 300. Yo-yo diets, fad diets and starving myself kept me bouncing around until I topped out at 325 this past summer.

September 7th my little girl was born. I decided then that I didn't want to hold her back from life. The last few years I've been a shell of what i used to be. I used to hike and mountain bike; ski and ice skate in the winter. I was always up for anything, now i just sat on my fat ass, miserable. The big change with this diet is that I'm not trying to rush it and lose weight fast b/c I know I will just gain it back again. Since September, I've mostly been living a paleo life without even realizing it. I had cut my breads and pastas out but i still ate a lot of legumes and dairy. I managed to get my weight down to about 285 before relapsing during the holidays and getting back to about 315. I've now cut out the legumes and almost all dairy, and as of this morning sitting at 299. One of my big problems is beer. I don't drink at all during the week, but on the weekends all bets are off. Also, I'm a homebrewer so beer is a big part of my life. I have cut down a ton since September, but i don't see any scenario where it is out of my life entirely.

I'm a reluctant exerciser but I've been working out a few times a week. I'm hoping to get up to doing something every day. Hopefully keeping this journal will help me with that goal.

Heaviest weight:325
Current weight:299
Goal weight:180

More important than the weight is my attitude. I have already noticed a change. Hopefully, that will continue and my daughter will get the father she deserves.