I have had some health issues of late. Last November I was in the hospital and I still don't know why. It was a one time extremely odd occurrence and my GP has not really tried to figure it out. It scares the crap out of Hubby and I, because we don't know if it was a one time occurrence or if it could happen again. While in the hospital, it was discovered I was hypothyroid.

Right now, I feel fantastic. I am on the lowest dose of Levothyroxine you can get and it is working. I am also taking supplements and doing other things that are recommended as well as reading everything I can about it. I am normally the healthy one, so this dealing with me being sick and then having a condition has been difficult for the whole family.

In my quest for better medical care, I have been searching for a different doctor. I live in a small town with very few good docs, none of whom are taking new patients. I am willing to drive to the big city, as hubby does, to get good medical care. I thought I found a good one based on recommendations online, however, I wasted $75 yesterday finding out he couldn't help. It was discouraging, if entertaining, to say the least. He went on and on about dummy medicine and while I agreed with him, it was apparent he was off his rocker. He is also not a GP, which his site was not clear about and I wasn't sick enough for him to take as a patient. He did answer my questions, which my GP did not do, and told me a few things I had not already read about. It is back to the search for me. *sigh*

Anyone else had problems finding a good doctor who isn't just a drug pusher?