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Thread: Catrin's Whole 30

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    Catrin's Whole 30

    Ok, it is official, I am going to start my Whole Thirty when I wake up Saturday, Feb 16 through March 18. I want to finish reading "It Starts with Food" before beginning, and I've a coffee date tomorrow morning. I WILL want cream, one last time I've been full primal since late July and have only "cheated" once since starting - haven't even been tempted to cheat since I've been feeling so good.

    I suspect that there is something about my diet that needs tweaked however, it may not be as clean as I think it is. I do put cream in my coffee and allow cheese occasionally - that may be causing me more problems than I realize if I've sensitivities that I am unaware of. I also want to pull back on the fatty meats a bit and work more with lean meats with good oils - it is possible that I've been consuming more fat-related calories than I've been aware of.

    Nothing wrong with good fats, but over-consumption of anything is never good and while I am very active, I am a small 53-year old woman with no thyroid or reproductive system. VLC may not be my friend, so I also want to try adding a bit more vegetable related carbs this month. It is also possible that I've not been fueling quite right for my heavy lifting and high intensity workouts and I will experiment with the suggestions in the book to see if that might work better for me.

    I understand that part of the Whole 30 is to not weigh (me nor my food), or track calories/macros. This will be HARD as I can get downright OCD about this - so I think this Whole 30 will be beneficial to me in many ways. Journaling this experience will be very helpful I think, and I look forward to helpful comments - this is a great forum!

    In the end, I want to learn more about how MY body works, and I think that I can only learn over the next 30 days!
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