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Thread: Valentine's Day

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    Oh, my boyfriend brought me a box of chocolates last weekend. I felt so bad. He knew when he gave them to me I couldn't eat them because it said on the ingredients list that they contained wheat (I'm actually allergic) He gave them to me anyway along with roses. I gave them to the rest of the family. I'm actually happy wheat makes me violently sick. Makes situations like that a LOT easier to deal with. Like those sample guys in the mall food court. "Is it gluten free?" While asking about a piece of fried chicken... fried anything, really
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    My office gave little boxes (like Chinese take-out boxes, but with hearts on them) to all of us with two pieces of candy. Kit Kat and some kind of powdered candy. I will give it to my fiancÚ later. If I'm feeling really desperate for chocolate this weekend, I'll get a bar or two of something good at Whole Foods, possibly for cheaper than I could get it today! Or I'll splurge and bake something gluten-free.
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