Thought I posted yesterday but I can't find my original post.

Aaaanyway, am looking to go from 225 to around 180-185lbs through a combination of good diet, kettlebell training and some foam rolling stuff thrown in here and there:

- Breakfast: super shake (spinach, 2 scoops whey powder, 4-5 almonds, 1/2 frozen banana)
- Lunch: BEAT salad (tomato, avocado, bacon and egg, might throw in some chicken if there are leftovers in the fridge)
- Dinner: steak and veg/paleo (ish) chili, etc.

Will try to stick to this 80-90% of the time and complete 3 months of Chris Lopez's TT Kettlebell Revolution (highly recommended - a cheap way to get a great full-body workout at home and a lot of fun once you get into it).

Daily seems like overkill, so will try to update this as a sort of running journal as part of my saturday routine.

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