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Thread: My Leptin Reset Journey

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    Week 5 Day 5 Cycle day 5

    Leptin Resistance goals:[*]Breakfast w/ 50gm of protein- yes
    *]Breakfast w/i 30m of rising- yes[*]5+ hrs between Breakfast and Lunch -breakfast at 6:45, lunch at[*]5+ hrs between Lunch and Dinner -din at 6[*]3.5+ hrs between Dinner and bedtime -yes
    *]no snacking - yes[*]darkening the house at sunset - meh[*]exposure to morning sun- yes[*]100% primal diet - yes[*]<50g carb per day - yes[*]no PUFA's other than fCLO - yes[*]teaspoon of coconut oil if I start fading-

    Caffeine- 12 oz blue bottle coffee at 8, a little tiny bit after lunch at 1
    Fake Sugar- no
    Exercise- walking 2+ miles

    B - some chicken breast, avo/pickle/ginger mix that was GROSS
    L - chicken breast and some sprouted almonds, lil cashews and some pumpkin seeds
    D -

    Results- Was dragging this morning until my coffee...expecting another afternoon slump again but oh well, maybe i'll eat lighter proteins for lunch today and see if that helps my energy.

    felt really heavy after lunch, too much protein?? ugh. Tummy poofing out in tight dress..bad combo for me. I never know what's going to make me poof up or not, need to figure this out. Going to quit using stevia everyday, worth a shot. Going to see my doctor in Marin after work today to determine what's up with my thyroid and my hormones also- playing a huge role in my heaviness no doubt.
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