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Thread: My Leptin Reset Journey

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    My Leptin Reset Journey

    I'm on this journey for a lot of reasons, I have celiac and hashimoto's, my weight has been increasing non stop over the last three years and it's really affecting my mental well-being. I've been paleo for over a year, gluten free since 2006 and dairy free since 2009, grain free since 2012. Despite all of these wonderful changes to my diet, my weight has crept up from 130 to 160 in the last three years, and while I think I'm doing a good job of eating and being healthy, clearly my body thinks otherwise. I'm 5'7 and while I look slender, 160 is about 30 lbs over where I'm comfortable, and while I might not get back down to there I want to get to at least 140 or 135 to where I feel good in my own clothes again. I know i do better with eating when I am accountable to what I'm really eating and doing everyday, so this is my way of keeping track and sharing my journey.

    Week 1, Day 4

    Leptin Resistance goals:[*]Breakfast w/ 50gm of protein- Yes[*]Breakfast w/i 30m of rising- Within 1 hr[*]5+ hrs between Breakfast and Lunch - Break at 7 lunch at 1[*]5+ hrs between Lunch and Dinner - Dinner at 6[*]3.5+ hrs between Dinner and bedtime -[*]no snacking - yes[*]darkening the house at sunset - meh[*]exposure to morning sun- yes[*]100% primal diet - yes[*]<50g carb per day - yes[*]no PUFA's other than fCLO - yes[*]teaspoon of coconut oil if I start fading-

    Caffeine- was tired tired today, had a rough nights sleep, woke up a lot. Had two yerba mate teas and a green tea today, lots of caffeine, too much and was a little anxious at night because of it.
    Fake Sugar- two packs of trident were chewed today after dinner. Gross...need to work on this
    Exercise- walked two miles and did 20 min TTAPP

    B - One slice of raw seed bread and can of sardines- 3 slices of lean beef
    L - romaine with some tuna and a sprinkle of hemp seed- was so not hungry after huge breakfast
    D - remained of salad with another can of sardines and 1/2 sunflower seed bread, added a little MCT oil in the salad

    - felt overly full all day and was kind of grumpy at work. Very tired.
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