I want to start a discussion about were you would like or imagine the Paleo movement going. I intentionally don't want to take sides because I don't want to influence the responses. Which scenario would you prefer or foresee and why?:

Scenario #1:
The Paleo nutritional and fitness guidelines are adapted into the mainstream. The USDA changes its dietary guidelines and, presumably, apologizes for all the sickness and death they caused. People eat as healthfully as they can given the new economic realities which will be created. Physical and mental health is at an all time high.

Scenario #2:
Paleo becomes the next Mediterranean/Atkins/pick your popular but generally-considered fad diet. The die-hards stick with it and continue to enjoy the great results the lifestyle affords us. The rest of the population continues to get fatter, dumber, and sicker according to current trends. For those of us who follow this lifestyle, we will find untold competitive advantages especially professionally and socially as our focus can be placed towards developing ourselves professionally and/or socially instead of dealing with the symptoms of a SAD diet.

What are the key issues here?
Which scenario is more likely?
Paleo friends, go!