Lets look at the mental/emotional/psychological side of nutrition for a bit, how do you cope with the stress in your life, whether it's a bad day at work, food having power and control over you, kids or significant others that drive you up a wall, etc etc etc

Naturally a lot of us turn to food in a lot of these cases, but lets see how we can go about changing these out comes. What positive forms of stress reduction works well for you? What simple (or not so simple)changes do you feel that you can implement into your life. Lets get a list going of those things that make us feel good, even if it seems like life is crumbling around us.

I'll start.

As someone that deals with a lot of unresolved anger, pent up aggression, and numerous frustrations I find that one of the best things that I am able to do for myself that doesn't result in shoveling food into my mouth is putting on my boxing gloves and having a full on assault with my punching bag. Not only is it a phenomenal work out, but it's great for stress reduction. It is something that I CAN hit without consequence. It is a natural release of endorphins that make you feel good and tends to leave me exhausted and relaxed.

Okay, it's your turn now