So, I read Mark's articles about intermittent fasting, and was really pumped about it. I played around with it a little, skipped a meal here and there when I felt like it. It went pretty well.
Lately, though I have been wanting to do something a bit more formal. I wanted to do a 24 hour fast. I tried to do it a couple times, but everytime I got to about 14 hours in and then got really hungry with headaches, no energy and my focus and memory goes out the window.
Well, today I tried for one last time. And it was awful. Well, the first part wasn't too bad, but once 14 hours hit, I got hungry. I actually made it to 18 hours, but I was starving, nauseous, stomachache, headache, horribly cranky was shaking, and couldn't forcus. And then when I did eat, I ended up WAY over eating. 7 eggs. a coconut milk smoothie, 3 pieces of bacon, a big handful of jerky. And a large green apple.
Should I quit trying this since it obviously isn't working, or does it get better? Input from someone who does IF would be much appreciated.