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Thread: Fasting was a disaster

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    It just doesn't work for some people, don't feel bad. It works for me because I have a clearer head on an empty stomach and I love the lightness of feeling hungry. Being full just makes me sleepy and lethargic.
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    Yep I agree with everyone - don't push it if you feel bad. If you can have a lie down, big drink of water or go for a slow walk, they might help you through the hunger, but it's not worth if it you are really feeling like shite.

    Would just like to add - that's not a big meal - that's a starter , the other day after a 16 hours not eating I had 4 double sized rashers of streaky bacon, about half a pound of really good sausages and 6 eggs, scrambled with quite a lot of butter, now that's a meal
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    Quote Originally Posted by Damiana View Post
    It just doesn't work for some people, don't feel bad. It works for me because I have a clearer head on an empty stomach and I love the lightness of feeling hungry. Being full just makes me sleepy and lethargic.
    same. I've stopped giving advice to others on the subject.
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    Same here. While I like to have 12 hour break between the last and the first meal, and occasionally go for 14 hours, after 15 hours it is white-knuckled for me. I was forcing myself into 18-22 hour fasts, and I stopped because I figured I was putting myself at risk of losing my job. And, yes, I ate far too much after the fast because I was so starved. I plan on 14 hour fasts now, but don't push it. If hunger persists for over 30 min I eat. And fasting did absolutely nothing for body recom or caloric control.
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    Thank-you EVERYONE! For your posts. Honestly, I was hoping that IF would help me get down to 125. Purely vanity pounds. Primal has done so much for me already. Health problems have cleared up, I went from 144-133. I think it's ok for me to admit that I don't do well on longer fasts. I should admit that this is probably the healthiest weight for me and not push the issue. I really appreciated that article, Purple Couch, that was exactly what I needed to hear. I am going to work harder on listening to my body and accepting it.

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    Whenever I have done a 23 hour fast I've done it by having breakfast and then not eating until the following breakfast. Somehow sleeping through those final hours made it easier to bear.
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    I'm not sure this helps, but watch your exercise level during fasting. If you exercise you must eat IMO.

    The best fasting from my perspecive is when you lightly move as to not deplete your body energy and find yourself starving.

    Example from this week for me was traveling to Trenton NJ (disgusting city, never go there) where I knew I couldn't get a good exercise in. So I only ate dinner both evenings, and even they were light with one salad and one steamed veggies plus an orange for desert each meal.

    On the downside, last night I came home and played indoor soccer with the kids and was light headed after playing... So two meals in 48ish hours is bad for my soccer energy. LOL

    Also get plenty of sleep when fasting.

    That being said I do not plan to fast, just with lower exercise your body naturally does not crave the food. BUT if you are on the SAD diet there is no way you could make it that long without a big sugar crash. Before primal, I would get light headed very easily when skipping a meal, now I can go all day without thinking about it.

    Good luck in your IF journey!
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