Hello all,

I have been trying to live Primally for a while now. But, it is hard because I am the only one in my family who wants to change my way of eating. My parents always buy junk food, ice cream, cereal etc. and it's every where in the house so I cannot avoid seeing the food. Because it's always in my sight, I always end up craving and wanting to them. I usually go one week of Primal then end up falling to the pressure of the food and binge. Starting January 2013, I decided to try eating fully Primal. I lasted for the month but after that, I binged on the junk for 1 whole week.

I read Mark's blog and the forums. No matter how much I read, I cannot bring myself to hate grains, artificial sugar, etc. They just remain as delicious foods in my mind. I tried eating replacements for those foods, such as almonds instead of chips, yoghurt instead of ice cream. But it is just not the same.

I was wondering, if anyone had any tips or ideas to help me?

One idea I was thinking of was to binge on a particular food I crave until I get sick and puke or something. Then I would return to the Primal life until I get another craving for something and repeat. Good or bad idea? I am hoping this would kind of help me develop an aversion toward the food.

Thanks in advance!