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Thread: I'm feeling rather stuck.

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    I think you're right on the dietary front but, in all seriousness, following a workout to look like the person demonstrating it is basically a lottery. It might give you the same results as them but in the vast majority of cases it won't. I'd say that the people who follow a schedule like that and end up with similar results would probably get the same results no matter what they were doing.

    It's great that you are committed to the program but it might not have the longevity that other approaches have.

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    I understand that I won't look like her because I have a totally different body shape. My problem is that even though women are told they won't bulk lifting heavy, I DO. I have higher than normal levels of testosterone and if I lift a lot of weight I get really big and manly and I hate that. I already have a super boxy frame and would rather not build huge muscles on top of that. I follow Zuzana and her type of workouts because the majority of women end up looking fit, but not huge, and body weight stuff seems to help me achieve a similar look. I've learned over the years of changing my workout styles that body weight stuff like I'm doing just gives me a more feminine look vs lifting heavy which tends to create a very bulky figure.

    I am mainly sticking to the program because I'm proving to my husband that I can stick to something longer than two weeks, and I am doing it with a group of other women and for some reason they use me as motivation so I feel like I can't just quit in the middle and leave them all hanging. I will get back to my normal LHT routine that I do 3x a week.

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