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Thread: So last night I got the sugar CRAZIES

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    I gave in to more sugar than I have eaten in over a year. The result was a cold sore and feeling like crap. DUH

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    If I am craving sugar I don't eat sugar. I feel like that just teaches my body that it's okay to have sugar. Maybe it's just mental. You felt better after eating bacon, which has fat & protein, so maybe you just need more FOOD.
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    Sometimes I get past cravings by telling myself that I can't have it today, but if I still want it tomorrow, I can have it then. If I do still want it the next day, I try the same thing - not today, but tomorrow if I still want it. It's not foolproof, but it works often.

    The mental beastie that wants us to fail is probably present in all of us. It's bigger in some than others, and sometimes you just have to beat it (or in this case starve it) into submission.
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    I can control the need to sugar bomb myself if I eat some chocolate or fruit, and have a tin of sardines or some savory protein. Even cheese will do - but I'll eat something like that before going back for more sugar. Blunts the hunger - straight sugar and /or fat just leads to feeling like I need more.

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    Bacon was a good call, fat is satisfying. My last craving was cured by bacon too, the one before that I made a very small glass of rich chocolate milk with whole milk, a splash of heavy cream, cocoa powder, and stevia drops. We don't generally have sugar in an easily eaten form around the house, which helps a ton with getting through cravings and not getting derailed.

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