I read Scientific American a lot at work, and last night I came across this article that really got my attention.

Here's a link to the article if you happen to have site access:


Here's a link to a couple of the diagrams featured in the article if you don't:

Box*1 : The Myth of Antioxidants : Scientific American

Basically, the article covers studies showing that, unlike previously thought, free radicals cannot be shown to increase the cellular aging process. Conversely, experiments involving worms and rats show that increasing the production of free radicals in the body actually increased life span on average.

To make things even more confusing, further studies showed that people who took supplements were more likely to die of things like cancer and heart disease and have a shorter life span than people who didn't. They specifically linked these increases to beta-carotene and another vitamin... I believe Vitamin A, but my magazine is at work, so I'm not positive.

Here I was feeling proud that I was finally getting into the habit of taking my multivitamin daily, and now, I'm not so sure I should be...

Any thoughts?