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Thread: Confessions of member struggling

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    Confessions of member struggling

    Hi all,

    I'm not sure what is wrong, I feel really guilty though as my eating seems to have gone out of kilter and I am beating myself up about it and wondering what is wrong.

    I have been getting on ok with primal up until the weekend just gone.

    My OH and I went out on Saturday evening to see some friends (no alcohol for me as I have given it up). We'd had a good day food-wise. However, when we got home I devoured two bacon sandwiches (we had some bread left in the freezer) and a 90% Lindt chocolate bar even though by the time I got halfway through the chocolate bar I felt sick

    I've bought 90% Lindt before and been able to eat one square per evening which has previously been enough to satisfy me.

    I kind of thought it was just an 'off' moment and carried on eating primal. Then yesterday my OH went out and bought a chocolate bar for himself and a dark chocolate one for me as we were craving something sweet. The bar had 15 squares and I ate the whole lot.

    And again tonight, it came to dinner time and I was craving something sweet. However, I cooked some steak and vegetables and that seemed to satisfy me. However, an hour later I decided to raid the last of the cereal we had lying round and eat a bowl (I know, I should have thrown it sooner), again until I was full to bursting.

    At these points I have eaten when I have not even been hungry. I'm concerned as to what is going on.

    I don't know if this has links with me previously having an eating disorder, or maybe I am not eating enough during the day and I am getting these sweet cravings.

    I feel like I should apologise as I feel like I have let myself and the people on here down as everyone else seems to be doing so well

    Any advice welcome please x
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