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Thread: Going Primal while nursing

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    Going Primal while nursing

    UPDATE: I know I made an update at the end saying how awesome it has been to breastfeed my little boy. However we had to make a doctors appointment a few days ago because he was crying a lot and I couldn't figure out what was wrong. Turns out he had lost an ENTIRE POUND in 1 week. I can't imagine losing 10% of my body weight in a week, and I feel terrible about it. I'm trying not to beat myself up about it since I'm learning how to be a mom. Once we got home from the doctor he ate an outrageous amount of formula which made me feel even worse. The doctor said he was literally burning more calories trying to drink than he was taking in which created a negative deficit. I really thought my body was responding like it should. The doctor made me feel like a shitty mother for starving him, and so many others have made me feel like a shitty mother for giving him formula. This has me very stressed out so I've decided to stop nursing altogether. I'm on day 2 and it really sucks but I think it would be best for us both. Thank you everyone for the wonderful advice, and I'm grateful I listened to it, because now I truly know I cant do it anymore and I know I tried my hardest. You guys are awesome

    Hey everyone!

    I couldn't find much information about going primal while nursing/lactating. I have a 7 week old baby here (first time mother). I have barely any milk supply. It was lacking since beginning... I would nurse my little one for 2 hours and he would still be hungry and it was just too exhausting so I started pumping. I was probably 60/40 off the primal wagon until last week. Today I'm on Day 5 of strict primal eating and unfortunately my already low milk supply has became lower. Last week I was able to pump about 13oz a day (with fenugreek supplements) and today and yesterday it is about 4-7oz. (baby needs about 30oz a day, we supplement with formula)

    Does any have any experience with primal eating and nursing? How to increase supply? do things balance out? Any suggestions at all would be great... even if their something you heard from your cousins friends great grandma, I'm open to researching it.

    Also, I'm glad we're not living in hunter gather times, my baby boy would need some from another mother. I feel so inadequate sometimes when it comes to taking care of him naturally.
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