Yep, I'm stuck and need my fellow PB's to help me out of this rut =/ My weight loss has stalled at 135 which is in the higher range for my height of 5'3. I'd like to get down to 20% BF, but I seem to float around 25% (caliper tested at the gym).

I've been consistently doing Zuzana's Zcut workouts for 3 weeks and I have had zero change to my body fat, I'm measuring and weighing the same; although I've been feeling less winded during the workouts. Just for reference the Zcut workouts are usually 5 min warm-up and then 15-20 mins of style workouts. It's all body weight stuff like burpees, tuck jumps, lunges, etc. usually done in # of rounds for time.

I've been eating roughly 1300 calories at 60/20/20 f/p/c. I switched to HFLC 75/15/10 f/p/c for about two weeks and lost 3 lbs, but I gave up because my energy levels dropped even more and I wasn't recovering well from my workouts. I've been eating almost no processed food and have been staying away from sugar.

Any suggestions?