Much to my past self's surprise, I've decided to start lifting. I've reached a plateau in Yoga and want to mix things up a bit. I did some reading about deadlifting and it sounds like an amazing way to build strength. But mainly, I want the bum

So today I joined the gym! Other than that, I have no idea where to start. What weight free weights should I use initially? What are the best free weight exercises to do (links with pictures)? Are the resistance machines a waste of time? How do I deadlift without killing myself?

I would also really appreciate if the ladies who lift could share their experiences. What were your goals at the outset? How did you begin and progress? What effect did lifting have on your body composition?

No bitchy comments please from those who have no tolerance for newbies (you know who you are ).


Btw, just had to share my gym instructor's helpful comment during the compulsory induction when I asked him what the point of the arm bicycle was... "It's cardio... for your arms." LOL.