Location: I am from Central ON, Canada

Age: I am somewhere in the range of 41 - 45.

How Primal are you?: I am in the process of converting right now.

Do you consume dairy?: I admit fully, I love my dairy.

Do you drink coffe or tea?: I drink tea, but actually haven't had anything but herbal teas for 3 days now.

Motivator for switching Primal: I need to make a major change in my life. I have lost my energy, my digestion is sluggish, and I keep putting on weight. I used to run all the time, and I want the energy and fitness I had back, so I can do it again.

Favorite exercise: Running

Favorite Primal food: Rib eye steak, with lots of marbling, most of the fruits and veggies, and more yet to be discovered...

Best part about being Primal: Hoping the return of my Joy for Life.

Worst part about being Primal: Food planning and preparation while travelling. I will need help, as I'm in hotels a lot.