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I have to say that my experience was the opposite. Prior experience was actually rather important part of our relationship. We knew each other in high school, but there is no way we would have dated any earlier than we did. We both needed to grow up a bit first, and in reference to physical "experience", well, that was very important in the building of our relationship. I realize not everyone places the same kind of value in physical intimacy, however.

[edit] Ignore this, I realize you aren't trying to slight anyone's experiences, I'm just not being very rational today.
No, I get what you mean. The man I would have married, if I'd married at 20, would have been a disaster. I had to reach a certain level of maturity, I guess, before I was attracted to the kind of man who made a good long term investment. I don't feel badly about that. But I can also see the sweetness in finding your soul mate while you're still basically a child.

I just meant that all the sex before that brought nothing of value to our relationship. I can see now that we would have found our way regardless.