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    We met in a downtown Toronto bar. My girlfriend told me to start a conversation with these two guys she thought were hot since I'm not usually shy. So I did. The four of us hung out the rest of the night dancing at late night clubs. He called me a week later, we started long distance dating (he was a two hour drive away). We got married ten months later and next month we celebrate our 27th anniversary. He is awesome.
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    he came in my tattoo shop in 1989 to get a tattoo. I chased him down mercilessly after that! We were married 9 months later.

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    We were a camp romance. As in camp staff - at an Easter Seal camp way up in mosquito-infested northern Ontario. He was a 17 year old "rich" kid from a private school in Toronto, tall, very blond, athletic, looked like a tennis star to my star-struck eyes. I was an 18 year old middle class northern Ontario nerdy kid, not at all athletic. We ended up sleeping in sleeping bags next to each other on the staff training overnight campout (sleeping is a euphemism for staying awake all night thanks to the mosquitoes and hard ground.) In the middle of the night, surrounded by others in their sleeping bags, we whispered to each other for hours and held hands. After that night, we were an item.

    After the summer, we maintained a long distance romance for 7 years, through the end of highschool for each of us (4 hours drive apart), undergrad degrees at two different universities and my internship, his co-op work semesters. And that's back in the days of snailmail, no internet or cheap long distance calling. We wrote letters - hundreds of them that we both still have! We married on the 7th anniversary (to the day) of that first sleepover, and have been married for 27 years now.

    He's still a cutie and can always make me laugh.

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    My story is very boring lol - we met at work.

    Although my OH had worked there for about a year until he actually spoke to me properly. Apparently he had liked me for a while - not that I would have known, I just thought he was a bit off with me lol.

    He moved in with me about 9 months after we started going out and we're still together after nearly 3 years. Hoping to get married in the near future, never met anyone who respects me as much as he does

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    Working as an indentured servant at Wal-Mart, and I was buying a cheese and jerky package for lunch. The cashier was kinda cute... and that was how it started.
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    He plays banjo and I play fiddle. We met at a music session and when he asked me out, that was the best first date ever! We barely ate our food, we were talking and laughing so much. Four months later he moved in (single, homeless banjo player- he fit every stereotype) and now we've been together 7 years. I still adore him!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derpamix View Post
    Your posts are great.

    I love the romance stories, but when I came to this I just had to lol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Derpamix View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by AyaPapaya View Post
    Your posts are great.

    I love the romance stories, but when I came to this I just had to lol.
    That good eh Derp?
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    Background: Hubby is from Spokane, WA, I lived all over Washington state and Oregon for about 9 years in my 20s. I moved back to Indiana after I got a divorce.

    In Indiana, I went to college dragging my two young children with me, and worked hard on myself. I did not want a repeat of the first marriage debacle. DH started teaching at my college when I was a senior and we met on the day his then wife left him. Nothing happened for a couple of months until I and some other students introduced ourselves to him in the cafeteria. It was a small college and he was teaching in our major. Another month went by until he came to the library where he knew I would be working on a weekend, claimed to be there doing research, and supposedly needed my help. We both started being where we knew the other person would be. As we started talking, we found we had a lot in common, finished each others sentences, noticed the same things about any given situation, etc.... I honestly thought I would never meet someone who saw the world in the same skewed way I did.

    Because it was a small college, we had to hide our romance from everyone. He couldn't lose his job as I had never taken a class with him and I was not some naive 18 year old he was taking advantage of, but we had to worry about reputations and all that rot.

    After his ex stopped yanking him around, we got married and are still married despite the dire prophesies of my wonderful family of origin. On our wedding invitation there was a poem and part of it was "You know the song of my heart and sing it to me when I have forgotten it...." This is still true today.

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