Confession time: I'm a sugar addict. Like, a sugar addict of the worst kind. I'm talking an entire box of cereal, a pack of oreos, and a few candy bars, all gone in a little over an hour. I've never been overweight, because I run almost daily (and my young metabolism probably helps -- 20-year old female).

I've been having some serious trouble staying on the paleo wagon. My cravings get absolutely out of control, even after just 12 hours of clean eating. I rarely manage to get past one full day without giving in... and yes, I'm stuffing myself with fat (Kerrygold butter, avocado, macadamia butter, egg yolks, sausage, heavy cream).

I'm thinking I have three options.
1) go zero-carb (in order to reduce the insulin spikes as much as possible)
2.) raise my carbs to around 80 or 90 grams per day (rather than my current 30 or 40... am I in this "zone of misery" I've heard people talk about?)
3.) a fat fast. When I have nothing but fat, my insulin (seems to) stay steady and my cravings are in control. Add in some carbs (or even protein) and wham -- cravings, shakes, the whole nine yards. On my fat fast I'd probably be doing straight whipped cream, maybe some macadamias for variety.

Any thoughts on my problem, or if any one of these tactics could help me? Thanks so much guys... this community has always been so great when I come with questions.