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    Quote Originally Posted by sakura_girl View Post
    Food, exercise, and sunshine.
    Not primal as it does not come in pill form.

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    D3, because definitely don't get enough sunlight for at least half the year. Magnesium, because in winter months we buy trucked-in produce that IMO is probably magnesium deficient.

    I'd consider a few contenders for third. K2, which works synergistically with D3 and calcium; even though Primal probably delivers all the K2 needed, it might be good if your diet tends towards the veggie or pescetarian end of the Primal spectrum.

    I also occasionally throw in mushroom supplements, even though I cook with shiitake, maitake, oyster, cremini, beech, and other mushrooms: a good blend of shiitake, maitake and reishi (NOT a good cooking shroom), or cordyceps sinensis. These are all-around tonics (adaptogens) that don't get much play in Primal discussions, but I think they enhance your immune response and are good anti-inflammatories. Cordyceps may be a good call if you are very athletic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by canio6 View Post
    Not primal as it does not come in pill form.

    I'm apathetic to the Primal label, anyway

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    A high quality multi-vitamin and fish oil.

    My two docs (PCP & ophthalmologist) have recommended taking the fish oil in the morning and evening.
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    D3, magnesium, multiple vitamin daily

    "Supplement Foods": brazil nuts, seaweed, liver, yogurt and fermented stuff, small fish with bones.

    Need to add: bone broth

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissJecka View Post
    I wish I could absorb D3 from sunlight easier. I'm darker-skinned (pretty much Jessica Alba's skin tone, maybe a few shades darker especially in the summer) and dark skin absorbs sun-supplied D3 less than light-skinned folks. Pairing that with living in New England (less daylight) and working in a windowless office 9+ hours per day... I need my D3 pills!

    Yeah, I'm lucky in that I have the usual Scottish skin from my mum's side and I don't have work (just uni), so I can afford to go out in a T-shirt when the sun's at its best. Considering that despite all this my D3 is STILL a bit low, I can understand how someone with more melanin and less available sunning-time would need their supplements! And I'm sure the extra D3 is keeping you energized and keeping your nice brown skin radiant, even in the horrible Winter weather
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    Quote Originally Posted by sakura_girl View Post
    Food, exercise, and sunshine.

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    What are supplements for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fifer View Post
    What are supplements for?
    What are birds? We just don't know.
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    Vit D3 (obviously because of where I live)
    Melatonin (antioxidant properties for me)
    Magnesuim - chelated (see first supplement^)

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