Hey fellow PB'ers I'm finding myself needing some help. I'm in the begging stages of starting up a primal/paleo foods business. I'm having a hard time coming up with a name for my "spotlight product". I had been primal for about 3 years and realized I miss cereal!! Not the grains just the quick easy breakfast in a bowl. So i cam up with a product that is grain free it contains nuts and seeds and is bound together with honey. It took many months of testing to get the exact amount of each to make the perfect combination (well me and my peeps think it is anyway). So I've been giving out samples to friends and am sending out the paperwork this week to be "official". I also have a maple syrup version(still in research stage due to inconsistency).

So, sorry for the long winded story but I'm looking for ideas on what I could call such product? I have now transformed this into a bar form so the option for a bar or cereal is there.

PS, admin if I'm out of line by posting this please delete it and I apologize in advance. If I'm not then maybe once I'm established we could do a sample package giveaway some how!