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Thread: Starting Primal and getting over Bulimia

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    Red face Starting Primal and getting over Bulimia

    Hello everyone!

    I am a 25 year old university student from Germany.
    I have been struggling with bulimia for seven years and I tried almost everything to overcome it. I have tried just about every diet there is going, you name it and I have done it (e.g. Weight Watchers, Atkins, Zone, Dukan, Vegan, Vegetarian for 4 years, but always low fat-high carb, except for atkins and dukan, of course).
    Of course, without long-lasting success because I always slipped back into old habits.
    But this time it is different! Since January 1st, 2013 I have been on a gluten free diet and staying away from social drinking and feel fantastic. There are no more cravings for sugary stuff, no more stomach pain, less depression, losing my fear of fat, and the most important thing for me: NO MORE BINGES!
    I really do believe that I have finally found the right way!

    I am feeling pretty well with this way of eating and after tons of research, I found Mark’s blog and read it with great interest. Primal eating sounds so logical and I have been eating like this for a week now and am totally into it. I combine it with IF (8-hour feeding period and fast during a 16-24-hour fasting period). I am much more energized and have fun in doing the PBF routine. If I look back on the excess cardio workouts I did before, they seemed rather obligating and stressful than fun.

    The PBF routine is just fine for me because I love walking, hiking and doing Pilates on my slowly moving days and lifting heavy things twice a week and sprint/hiit once a week is the perfect combination for me to enjoy sports.

    To record my effort, I will track my progress in a food journal on this site.
    By the way, I am grateful for any advice!

    Last but not least, I am sorry for any grammar mistakes, but English is not my mother tongue.

    Thanks for reading,
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